A online multi store of eclectic fuss and nonsense. Hosted on a new concept in platforming. You can buy and sell weird and wonderful stuff on KLUTR. Join as a member or as a merchant and let the rare and random activity begin. You don’t need to be artistic or creative, you simply need to love unique items and services.

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Can you not get that certain style of consumer satisfaction any more unless you trawl the depths of the internet or risk a few dark webs?  Have you felt the bland domination of the mass populous search engines pushing a mass populous agenda or product?  Does your search take you into site after site of alternatives until your cookies crumble?  If you’re feelings all of this then you need to join KLUTR online store 

Whether you are looking to buy or/and sell alternative products and services KLUTR hosts it all for you. Seller accounts host your online business, brand, service and products of a select taste. Your listings are free and with PayPal and credit/debit card payment services.  Your sales go directly to your PayPal account at the point of sale.  KLUTR deducts a 10% fee on every sale.

Buyers are hosted with their own account to check orders and keep a record of online activity.  KLUTR is also hosting a social network for all the multi store users so all you of select styles and taste can invigorate the alternatives scenes and crazy cultures. 

Online soon!

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